Previously this site had the content and database of Aiki, a Japanese martial arts tactic which is commonly used for defense. More information about Aiki can be found here on Wikipedia. However, during the whole period when the site was alive it used to redirect to (it is also non-existence today) which was a prime site about aikido and particularly the convictions of aikido enthusiasts in UK on the British Aikido Community (BAC).

The site was made purposely to counter some criticism, accusations and hypocrisy about aikido which emanated from the British Aikido Board (BAB) about the entire issue about aikido. I don’t know if the owners and contributors of the site were able to draw their point across, but the reason to redirect the site to was possibly to enlighten aikido enthusiasts about what Aiki is all about contrary to what might have been shared or discussed on the BAB.

There is no much information that I could recover from the site as I initially intended when I purchased this domain, one because of the fact that though I love aikido, I know little about it and more importantly because the site used to redirect to another site.

However, being an aikido lover, with no training though, I decided to collect and publish some posts about aikido from some aikido lovers that I encountered. Below are some posts that I’ve published that I managed to collect but will be looking forward to update the site with some new content soon. Hope you visit the site again.